How Liddr Can Boost Your Sales?

With liddr you can come to know which companies visiting your site with their basic details which will enable your sales team with ready data and will save market research time. Quickly move those leads to the pipeline and track the whole sales process. You can see all the respective lead’s visit history and your sales people will be ready with their behaviour to make a good sales pitch. Overall, liddr will help you to make better and smarter decisions.

Connect Your Google Analytics

You just need to connect your google analytic and sit relax. Liddr takes all the data directly from the Google Analytic and process it. You don’t need to paste any script or code to your site for this.

See Which Companies Are Visiting The Site

Liddr helps you to find the companies which are visiting your site. Liddr will help your sales people by identifying the missing leads those are visiting your site. See which companies are visiting your site and convert them easily with all visit analytics.

Find Public Emails And LinkedIn Connection

Liddr will help you to find publically available emails from the identified company and ease your market research efforts. It will help you to find linkedin connections from the same company whom you can connect.

Track Deals in Pipeline

Make your leads as a deals and track them throughout the sales pipeline. You can edit pipeline as per your process and track all the deals in one go. With the power of pipeline you will have a flexibility of managing deals and tracking all of them at one go.

Why You Should Use Liddr ?

No tracking code require

You don’t need a code or tracking script to use the liddr. Its very simple to track just connect your analytic.

Add comment and see history

Add comments on the deals and manage them effectively without any communication gap.

Invite team members

Invite team members to access liddr and manage all leads at one place

Identify visiting companies

Identify visiting companies from your website with their industry and company description. Get all basic information at one place.

Find email address

Find publically available email addresses of companies who are visiting your site.

Find Linkedin connections

Find linkedin connections from companies visiting your site.

See amazing sales and marketing reports

Get all your marketing and sales report of your website with a detailed analysis and take meaningful decisions.

Create deals and see history

Create deals from the leads and manage all the information like a mini crm.

Create piplines to manage leads

Create deals from your leads and manage them through an entire sales pipeline.

Smarter Lead Finding, Faster Deal Closing

Find missing opportunities effective and help your sales team with everything so that they
can focus on their work and close more deals effectively with more meaningful data